Energy Service Companies

Establish credibility for your projects.


International Electron's metering platform enhances your customer conversations and simplifies your Measurement & Verification process with a transparent, scalable, and cost-effective solution.

1. Analyze Meter Data 2. Identify Energy Efficiency Opportunities 3. Identify ECMs that Create Savings 4. Generate Payback Model per ECM 5. Baseline Meter Data Validates Savings

Provide ongoing value and customer engagement.


Deliver valuable insights to your customers and become a trusted partner with recommendations to optimize energy management and building maintenance.

Energy Use Patterns example

Sell more projects.


International Electron leverages our data acquisition platform to partner with you to identify opportunities, make recommendations, and implement changes with an end-to-end process that ensures shared success and delighted customers.

Savings dashboard example

Core Objectives


Time monitored

Differentiate your Proposal Offering
Include delivery of more comprehensive energy insights into your next lighting proposal.

Monitor with meter

Validate Savings & Establish Credibility
Utilize meter data to validate burn hours or equipment runtime. Demonstrate delivered energy savings.

Laptop Monitor

Create More Opportunities to Engage Customers
Granular energy dashboard to monitor energy consumption at a high interval. Continually monitor project performance.

Manage energy

Identify the Next Customer Opportunity
Include delivery of more comprehensive energy insights into your next lighting proposal.


Increased Project Revenue Expansion
Submetering each electrical panel across each major asset.

Analytics Companies

Great Insights Necessitate Great Data

But Sourcing Great Energy Data is Hard.

Poor Options Exist for Data Sourcing

  • Customer sourced data is often unavailable, incomplete, or unreliable and can create friction in the customer relationship.
  • Utility data providers may provide energy consumption data, but it is most often obsolete, unhelpful, expensive, and lacks detail.
  • Installing submeters is technologically and logistically complex with expensive, upfront costs for customers to endure.

Utilizing International Electron's IoT Metering Platform will provide actionable energy consumption data and simplify data acquisition to improve ESG reporting, reduce friction with clients, and efficiently deliver timely insights to improve customer outcomes.

International Electron will arm your clients with granular insights to make data-driven decisions around how they manage and maintain their facilities and building operations, enabling your company to continuously deliver value to your clients.

Key Benefits


  • Provide Valuable, Actionable Insights

    Identify and alert on energy consumption and equipment usage data captured in real-time.

  • Remain Competitive

    Increased competition requires novel approaches to data capture to provide more value to customers.

  • Improve Customer Dependence and Loyalty

    Customers dependence on relevant, easily consumable data results in customer stickiness.

  • Identify New Revenue Opportunities

    Enhanced data insights, advanced reporting, and consulting provides new monetization opportunities.