Commercial Real Estate

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Building owners and operators are continually tasked to ensure that their buildings remain competitive in a challenging and highly dynamic commercial real-estate environment, while controlling costs across their building portfolios.

Key Benefits:

  • Sub Tenant Billing. Enable sub-tenant billing to better understand consumption and better identify true-load by tenant suite and common areas.
  • Insights into Tenant Spaces. Monitor operating hours, production,  and activity within a space as well as asset data and equipment runtimes. Predictively monitor tenant financial risk or better understand tenant operations and use of space.
  • Added Value for Tenants. Provide granular energy dashboard for tenants to help them identify energy savings opportunities.
  • Shared Wins for Energy Efficiency. Empower tenants to identify investments in energy efficiency projects to reduce operating costs while improving overall building health.
  • ESG Reporting. Full building energy consumption simplifies ESG reporting for tenants and landlords.



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International Electron helps Retail organizations to better manage their portfolio energy spend, and drive calculated action.

Key Benefits:

  • Identify energy savings opportunities. Find opportunities across various technologies and strategies, including  Lighting, controls, economizers, VFD, plug load, demand management, load conservation)
  • Validate Savings. Conduct Measurement and Verification of completed project performance.
  • Identify Maintenance Savings Opportunities. Find problematic assets or identify issues like HVAC irregular cycling, power quality shift.
  • Perform Portfolio Benchmarking. Identify lowest performing sites and outliers and implement portfolio wide operational enhancements.
  • Solar/Storage/EV. Evaluate true potential for Solar/Storage/ EV charging and calculate actual impact of implementing initiatives.
  • ESG Reporting. Conduct more seamless ESG reporting and financial variance analysis

Industrial & Manufacturing

Manufacturing facility

Industrial and Manufacturing facilities are tasked with optimizing production lines and a critical equipment uptime in order to protect their businesses.
  • Manage Power Quality. Continuously monitor power quality of mission-critical assets and equipment.
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs. Reduce costly maintenance, reduce frequent parts replacement and lengthen useful life of equipment.
  • Optimize Production. Optimize production lines and output by using time of use rates alongside manufacturing data to better identify trends and identify opportunities.
  • Understand Machine Utilization. Gain insights around machine utilization and cumulative production time.


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International Electron enables educational institutions to unlock a series of benefits through granular submetering, including:

  • Disaggregation of Master Meter Campus. Better understand energy consumption across the campus.
  • Trend Analysis. Utilize energy data to analyze trends and to determine equipment irregularity
  • ESG Reporting. ESG Reporting and financial variance analysis
  • Validate Utility Billing. Budgeting, back-charges, utility bill discrepancies
  • Energy Benchmarking. Better understand consumption trends across departments or buildings
  • Project Identification. Easily identify of energy opportunities and projects
  • Validate Savings. Measurement and Verification of project performance
  • Demand Response. Participation in demand response and load curtailment programs


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International Electron helps Enterprise organizations uncover saving opportunities across their entire portfolio. Our system helps to:

  • Validate Savings. Measurement and Verification of completed project performance
  • Project Identification. Find energy savings opportunities across various type of technologies like lighting, controls, economizers, VFD, plug load, demand management, load conservation
  • Highly Scalable. Scale an energy data platform across an entire portfolio, across various utilities, seamlessly
  • Identify Maintenance Savings Opportunities. Find opportunities like HVAC irregular cycling, power quality shift
  • Portfolio Benchmarking.  Identify lowest performing sites, outliers, and implement enterprise-wide operational improvements
  • Solar/Storage/EV. Evaluate true potential for Solar/Storage/ EV charging and calculate actual impact of implementing initiatives.
  • ESG Reporting. Conduct more seamless ESG reporting and financial variance analysis
  • Easy to Integrate. Easily incorporate granular energy data into integration platforms