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Building owners want to better understand where the energy waste is, but measurement systems have traditionally been expensive, difficult to scale, and have required complex commissioning.

We've changed that. International Electron unlocks tremendous value with a highly-scalable, low-cost IoT metering platform that enables whole-building digital transformation in thousands of buildings around the world.

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Value Of Our Platform

Buildings waste 30% of the energy they consume.

International Electron unlocks value for organizations by providing a highly-scalable, low-cost platform to gather granular energy consumption data to help deliver healthy, optimized buildings.


Monitor with meter

Capture low-cost, granular energy data with the simple installation of our IoT energy meter.

Laptop Monitor

Monitor assets, buildings, and energy consumption to optimize building assets and operations.

Manage energy

Manage energy spend, budgets, and maintenance programs with analytics and reporting.

Our solutions help improve critical elements of building intelligence:

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Energy Management - Continuous monitoring of energy consumption for buildings and assets helps identify anomalies and savings opportunities and drive data-driven decision making for implementing potential energy efficiency projects.

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Maintenance - Energy consumption data enables building owners and operators identify mechanical equipment degradation and potential failures before they result in costly repairs.

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Tenant Submetering - Gain insights on energy consumption for all of your tenants across your entire building portfolio while delivering visibility to tenants.

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Open Data Source - Stakeholders and Partners, both internal and external, can view and analyze consumption data, transmitted via bank-grade security, to help drive optimal building health and reduced Total Cost of Ownership.